Saturday, June 2, 2018

And Then She Was 12!

May 26 - another birthday for Cambry!  

Every year in the midst of a busy May, we pause to celebrate Cambry.  This year, she invited a friend over for the night and for jumping fun at a trampoline park in Wichita.  This was actually her first sleepover, and she had so much fun with Olivia and Delaney (her built-in friend)!  At twelve, Cambry is still her creative, free-spirited self, but she is also learning that she can find success when she works diligently and steadily - particularly in her schoolwork.  She also continues in 4-H, will volunteer at Bethesda Home this summer, and is generally a friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of girl.  We love her dearly!
A Kindle Fire - finally!

We also celebrated with family the
day after.  Oreo dessert was her pick
this year - only 1 candle to blow out!

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