Friday, June 15, 2018

Happy Father's Day

This year for Father's Day, I decided to recreate some photos I took 6 years ago for Chelan.  I think he still has them on his desk at work, so now he can replace them!  Look how they've grown!!
Ages 1 1/2, 8, and 6

Ages 7 1/2, 14, and 12 (not sure what happened to Caiden's here)


Harvest 2018

Harvest, for us, began on Monday evening - a new combine (to us), brand new auger, and the newly-added drive-over pit awaited the rush of work ahead.  I think Chelan had this drive-over pit in his mind for a long time, and it wasn't until I could see it all working together that I appreciated the vision, the planning, the searching, and the work it took to create such a set-up.  I've always been a visual learner, and perhaps Chelan does not share many of his plans verbally with me because of that.  Like I said, I didn't fully appreciate this huge undertaking until I saw the finished product!

So, here we are on Friday, and we're done with our fields.  The rest of the wheat to cut belongs to Chelan's uncle, and even though it isn't "our wheat," it is nice that we get to extend harvest just a bit longer - especially now that "The Tregs" have arrived from California (that's what the girls (and Grandma) call Chelan's brother's family.

Here are a few pics from the harvest - mostly from the "inaugural dump" (I haven't even been in the combine yet this year)!

Pouring the cement for this was no easy task!  It took
planning, measuring, forming, 2 cement trucks 1 week
apart (1 in a downpour), and making it all so the yellow
part can be lifted out!

I love watching them work together.  For the most part, Chelan
manned the combine this year, and his dad got to empty
the trucks.

Figuring out the next plan. 

Caiden has been controlling the grain cart and doing some 
bean-sowing.  He's so grown-up already it's a little bit

Saturday, June 2, 2018

And Then She Was 12!

May 26 - another birthday for Cambry!  

Every year in the midst of a busy May, we pause to celebrate Cambry.  This year, she invited a friend over for the night and for jumping fun at a trampoline park in Wichita.  This was actually her first sleepover, and she had so much fun with Olivia and Delaney (her built-in friend)!  At twelve, Cambry is still her creative, free-spirited self, but she is also learning that she can find success when she works diligently and steadily - particularly in her schoolwork.  She also continues in 4-H, will volunteer at Bethesda Home this summer, and is generally a friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of girl.  We love her dearly!
A Kindle Fire - finally!

We also celebrated with family the
day after.  Oreo dessert was her pick
this year - only 1 candle to blow out!

Swimming Superstar!

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled up to Topeka to watch my niece, Addi, swim in her first state swimming meet.  I am not very familiar with swimming meets, so it was interesting to figure that all out and fun to watch Addi swim her best!  She ended up with a 5th place finish in one race and then finished as the state runner-up in the 100 meter free.  What a privilege to watch her succeed after training so hard.  It will be fun to see how she does next year, and then she's off to college.  How can it be!!!????  I'm so proud of you, Addi!

VB and BB Camps for Delaney

Delaney just finished up two weeks of volleyball and basketball camps, led by our high school team coaches and assisted by high school players.  I think Delaney wanted them to last all summer - she had such a great time.  She seems to have a natural athletic ability, and so far just loves participating in all of it!  It's fun to see her learn new skills and then practice them - she likes to practice until she reaches her own goals.  I'm pretty sure that's not something she has been taught - it seems to just be part of her personality.  I hope that sticks as she gets older!


Already a pretty good spike approach

 Basketball scrimmage on the last day:

Hot Shot and Free Throw Champ
for 1st-2nd grade girls!

Summer Begins!

There is no lack of imagination when Cambry and Delaney join forces, and summer is the perfect opportunity for them to explore the depths of their creativity!  We've only had about two-and-a-half weeks of summer, but they have
already created a puppet theater and a short-lived "smoothie shack."  It's fun to watch their imaginations play out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

8th Grade Promotion at Last!

May 15, 2018 - 8th Grade Promotion

This was a special evening!  The 8th graders worked at putting their promotion together for a few weeks leading up to the big night.  As one of their teachers, I was able to see and help with the behind-the-scenes efforts.  As a mom, I was happy to see Caiden enjoying his last days in middle school! 

Their promotion ceremony was a true reflection of the class - from the speeches, to the class video, to their expressions during the picture-taking portion!  I enjoyed all of it, and then we had fun at our house with some friends, family, and a few teachers coming over to help Caiden celebrate his move into high school!  He requested pie and ice cream, so pie and ice cream it was (we have to thank Lois Janzen, Grandma, and Grammy for those) - under the lights in the front yard! 

Congratulations Caiden - may you learn to realize your full potential and God-given abilities as you move on into high school!

Chloe, Kaleigh, and Tina had the "Welcome!"

Caiden accepted his promotion
certificate from good friend, Pat!

I love their looks here!  It will be strange not seeing them in the
halls or in my classroom next year.  I know Caiden is
definitely ready for that!

Zach, Rachael, and Logan gave the "Farewell!"

Buddies since birth!

He's taller than me!

They caught him!

It will be Ty's turn on Thursday in Hesston!

We missed Grandma - she was at Mace's promotion in Buhler.
It's awesome having cousins the same age, but this time
that meant not everyone could be everywhere at the same

Caiden held up remarkably well with all the pictures being taken!

They caught him again!

I forgot to take a picture the night of - so the night after
will have to do.  Chelan and Caiden spent all day getting ready -
including hanging the lights!