Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Worlds of Fun

I got to go along on the JH incentive trip to Worlds of Fun a few weeks ago.  It was so much fun - and I'm not even a big "ride" fan!  Mr. Pauls and I had the "tame" group for the day, and we had a great time!  It's a fun way to end the school year - and a good incentive for the students to stay responsible as the school year winds down.

Rylee, Emma, and Mallory getting ready for the Boomerang

Driving the Taxi

Amy got in on the fun too

Claire and Cambry  - and Patrick

I'm in the back - this was enough of a drop for me!

Cambry and Olivia on the train

Prizes were won!

Babysitting Squirrtel - a prize won by Claire

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