Wednesday, May 16, 2018

8th Grade Promotion at Last!

May 15, 2018 - 8th Grade Promotion

This was a special evening!  The 8th graders worked at putting their promotion together for a few weeks leading up to the big night.  As one of their teachers, I was able to see and help with the behind-the-scenes efforts.  As a mom, I was happy to see Caiden enjoying his last days in middle school! 

Their promotion ceremony was a true reflection of the class - from the speeches, to the class video, to their expressions during the picture-taking portion!  I enjoyed all of it, and then we had fun at our house with some friends, family, and a few teachers coming over to help Caiden celebrate his move into high school!  He requested pie and ice cream, so pie and ice cream it was (we have to thank Lois Janzen, Grandma, and Grammy for those) - under the lights in the front yard! 

Congratulations Caiden - may you learn to realize your full potential and God-given abilities as you move on into high school!

Chloe, Kaleigh, and Tina had the "Welcome!"

Caiden accepted his promotion
certificate from good friend, Pat!

I love their looks here!  It will be strange not seeing them in the
halls or in my classroom next year.  I know Caiden is
definitely ready for that!

Zach, Rachael, and Logan gave the "Farewell!"

Buddies since birth!

He's taller than me!

They caught him!

It will be Ty's turn on Thursday in Hesston!

We missed Grandma - she was at Mace's promotion in Buhler.
It's awesome having cousins the same age, but this time
that meant not everyone could be everywhere at the same

Caiden held up remarkably well with all the pictures being taken!

They caught him again!

I forgot to take a picture the night of - so the night after
will have to do.  Chelan and Caiden spent all day getting ready -
including hanging the lights!

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