Saturday, March 24, 2018


Caiden's 14th birthday blew in with Spring Break, as usual.  No fanfare, nothing extra special, just a regular Sunday - with gifts!  We enjoyed lunch at Applebee's, he played basketball for a couple of hours at open gym, and we celebrated in the evening with Addi and Ty - his nearest March birthday buddies! 

He is on the verge of entering high school, anticipating drivers' ed. this summer, and altogether growing up - literally!  He and I are about the same height at this point!  Fourteen years have gone by in a blink. . .

I've always loved those blue eyes!

This still happens - just with huge chapter books now!
(2 years old)

He's so excited to begin farming, but now he drives
real tractors! (4 years old)

Kdg. or 1st grade field trip

Those glasses! (4th grade?)  Still enjoying

Sister love (5th grade?)
This year - a new Amazon Echo!
Make a wish!

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