Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Our youngest turned 7 last week!  She wanted to celebrate simply with one of her best friends, Jenna! And she requested a 3-tiered blue and pink cake!  I think she had a fun day, despite the rain - again.  I think most of the birthdays in her short life have been rainy!

This girl is 7-going-on-17 some days, but other days is still the little girl who wants hugs and tucked into bed at night.  If you need something organized, she's your girl.  If you need a job seen through to the end, she's also your girl (most of the time)!  If you need a kind note, she's happy to do it!  We are so thankful for the energy, kindness, and spirit she brings to our family.  Happy Birthday!

New things for her doll, Camille 

Working on the "Adventure Camp"
Lego set

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