Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Parades, Volleyball, and Reunions - Oh My!

We had such a busy Saturday beginning with the Threshing Days parade down Main Street.  This year, all three kids were involved with the parade.  Caiden played in the band, Cambry walked with the Bethesda Jr. Volunteers, and Delaney wanted to decorate her bike and ride it with her friend, Jenna.  Amazingly, it was quite cool for August 5 - some were wearing jackets due to a strong breeze!  Because of the cooler weather, Threshing Days attendance was up by quite a bit.  I heard they even ran out of food at the Low German Meal!

Caiden was lined up to be a ball-runner at the sand volleyball tournament, but then got asked to join a team with his friends.  Apparently, they were excited that he could get his serves over!  They didn't win any games, but I think they had a good time together!

Timothy, Rachael (hiding), Emily, Jacob, and Caiden
Then, while Chelan and the girls went to a family wedding, I attended my class's 20th reunion at the high school.  We actually had a decent turnout - 15 of us by the end of the evening!  It was great to catch up with everyone and our classmate, Alan, even catered for us.  He made some amazing Mexican food!  Another classmate, Aaron, put together a class video for us - using info. and pictures that people had submitted.  We watched it in my current classroom - or Mrs. Schroeder's room, as most people remembered it (our high school English classroom).  Later on, we watched old videos - one of them all the way back from 6th grade!  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  To see us as middle schoolers again was awesome!

After being together again, I realize how important these people were to me growing up.  I was with them almost every day for so many years - in many ways, they had a role in shaping who I am today (along with my family, of course).  For that reason, I think it's okay to get together every once in a while to remember our growing-up years.  I'm thankful that we went to the work of planning and organizing this gathering!
Alan - chef extraordinaire!

our old English classroom - my current classroom.  I haven't
gone far!

Dallas, Schwab, Letha, Brent, Aaron R., Andrea, me,
Pam, Lisa, Renae, Leia, Alan (front), Scott (front)
It was a full day!

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