Sunday, March 26, 2017

Trip to Pawhuska

My sister and I took Mom down to Oklahoma for her birthday in February.  The reason?  To shop and eat at the Pioneer Woman's Mercantile.  Our aunt and cousins traveled down with us - it made for a lovely girls' day!  We did have to wait for a few hours to eat, but we enjoyed ourselves and there was plenty to see in the meantime. Ree's (the Pioneer Woman) whole family happened to be there that day, so we enjoyed keeping our eyes open for them!  It was also fun to see and hear how they restored the old building into the Mercantile.

Happy Birthday Mom!

The boys entertained those of us in line


"photo-stalking!"  :)

The Pioneer Wman's daughter - we
finally got her attention so Mom could
have a proper picture

The Pioneer Woman herself!  We
didn't meet her - there was a long
line, of course!

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