Friday, December 23, 2016

Pre-Christmas Activites

Christmas Break is upon us and we have been enjoying lots of pre-Christmas activities -  watching Caiden play basketball, a girls' outing to see "The Nutcracker," playing in the snow, making peppernuts, and enjoying the girls' Christmas program at school.  The program was extra special this year because Cambry played in her 5th grade band and played a clarinet solo. After only 4 months of practicing, they all did a great job!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we will enjoy our church's Christmas Eve program and gathering at my parents' house.  Then on to Christmas Day when we will welcome our California family home for a little while!  

It has been about 18 weeks since school began.  The days and weeks have been full and busy and difficult, but here we are with Christmas on our doorstep! There has been a lot to do to get ready, but now that the preparations have been made, I hope to fully enjoy my time at home and to reflect on the gift that Jesus truly is for us.  Merry Christmas!
The Wichita Ballet was touring, so we got
to see "The Nutcracker" at the McPherson
Opera House.

The interior of the opera house is
quite exquisite!  We sat in the third
balcony - it felt high!  Delaney was with
us but did not want her picture taken. . .

I think the high for the day was about 5 degrees!

I don't think she was even that nervous to
play by herself!  It's quite a gift she has!

I told Delaney I enjoy watching her sing
because she looks so happy!

Cambry's solo, "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel:"

peppernuts with Grammy!
 It's been fun to watch Caiden play basketball with his junior high bb team this year!  He is actually starting on the A Team this year, and they have had some nail-biters!  He is kind of a quiet presence on the court, but he does find his way into the action.  His highlight so far would probably be a three-pointer he made against Rural Vista in early December.  They won that game by just a couple of points!  We appreciate all the extra time Garrett Hiebert and Patrick Loganbill put into coaching all 30 of the boys!  (Thanks to Dale Wiens for the photos).


  1. My niece dances with the Wichita Ballet in the Nutcracker and I noticed you caught her in one of your pictures. Kathy Woelk (Bryce)