Friday, August 12, 2016

Time to Head Out

Saturday morning came too soon!  It was time to say good-bye.  Thank you, California Duerksen's for being such gracious hosts!

With that, our 3-day journey home began!  We drove through the Mojave Desert (we saw 110 degrees at one point), past Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam, and then on to St. George, UT for the night.  It was about a 10 hour day - with our little detour to the Hoover Dam.  Once we hit Utah, we couldn't believe the landscape.  Every bend in the road revealed a new view - canyon after canyon, hill after hill.  It was beautiful, especially at sunset!
Joshua Trees everywhere
An enormous solar energy plant outside of Las Vegas.  Those
tall towers are actually mirrors.

The back side of Hoover Dam

The front - our best view.  We didn't take time for a tour,
but would like to sometime.  It is enormous!

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