Thursday, August 11, 2016

Newport Beach

When we arrived in Flagstaff, I actually had to ask the gal at the check-in desk what time it was! Going through so many different landscapes and time zones had us a little confused!

 After our night in Flagstaff, we took off for California.  The kids were beyond excited because the day had finally come to see Treg, Candace, and their boys.  You wouldn't believe how confused the girls were on our schedule - they thought every day was the day we would get to see them!  The questions lessened after I finally wrote our daily schedules out.  This day would end up being a short driving day - 6.5 hours.  The goal was to reach L.A. early enough to get to the beach.

We made it!  We checked into our hotel and then headed to a beach that Candace suggested - thanks to the GPS we borrowed from Chelan's parents.  I don't know what we would have done without that thing!!  While we waited, Chelan and Caiden really took to the waves.  The girls and I eased our way into the water.

 After fighting traffic, the California Duerksen's arrived about 2 hours later.  What a reunion!

The youngest 2 (Delaney - almost 5, Boden - age 4)

The middles (Cambry - 10, Finn - 7, I think?)
The Bigs (Caiden - 12, Chayce - 9)
Not quite sure . . .
Riding the waves in
I thought it was funny how everyone paired up to do some catching up.  This was my favorite day - aside from having sand everywhere and in everything!

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