Thursday, August 11, 2016


Day 4 of our trip belonged to Legoland California!!  Funny thing - we had to drive about an hour south to reach our destination.  Not bad, considering a 5 hour drive awaited us that night!

Anyway, we arrived at Legoland mid-morning and set out to explore what the park had to offer - rides, Lego statues, mini-figure trading, and of course, the big store!  There is even water park, but we didn't have a chance to get there.  While our family isn't big into rides, this was a good park for non-riders.  Caiden didn't get too adventurous, but I RODE A ROLLER COASTER!  For those who ride roller coasters, you would have been disappointed.  It was perfect for me, though.  And we discovered that Delaney likes rides!

Throughout the summer, the kids had been earning tickets to spend on our trip.  Amazingly, they each had enough to buy a Lego set.  Caiden found a technic skid loader, Cambry bought a jewelry box kit, and Delaney bought a little skate park set.

This day was a highlight for both Delaney and Cambry - their favorite day!  Don't worry - Caiden's favorite day would come later. . .

My girls know these characters by name!

cute subway replica
Lego factory

Miniland USA - those little people moved in this display
New York City

Heartlake City - where the Lego Friends live

Mini figure trading is a big thing - the kids
can bring old mini figures and trade with
the mini figures on park workers' nametags.

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