Friday, August 12, 2016

Through Denver to Home

Sunday morning, we left St. George - heading to Denver.  We had seen 110 degrees the previous day.  This day we would see 48 degrees and icy rain way up high in the Rockies.  Only by car can you experience those extremes!

Because we were on a mission to make good time, we passed by Bryce Canyon and Arches National Parks - wish we could have stopped.  But here is more from beautiful Utah.  We never knew what we would see around the next bend:

We got a free watermelon after we filled up the
gas tank - only in California!
We ate it for lunch on our way to Denver.
Views from the Van:

Cambry and I made this travel Lego set
at home.  It came in handy!
Pit stop by the Colorado River

Another tunnel - we crossed the Continental Divide going through
Before we got to our hotel, we stopped at Casa Bonita - just because it's kind of something you have to do at least once.  I'm not sure we needed to stop there, especially when the wait in line was an hour and Cambry had come down with the dreaded cold!  But we did stay, and we enjoyed the atmosphere once we finally got to sit down!  

It was like a food factory

It was another looonnnggg car day, but we didn't hear much complaining at all.  We were so proud of our kids for how they handled traveling!

So that's it - almost 4,000 miles, 6 hotels, about 15 bathroom stops, and 7 states later, we arrived home on August 8, about 4:30 p.m.  So many great memories that we will all remember for a lifetime - at least I hope so!

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