Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fair Time!

Cambry was busy throughout July getting ready for the Marion Co. Fair.  She sewed one skirt and made 2 different recipes to be judges - monster cookie bars and a cereal mix.  She definitely wasn't thrilled ALL the time to be working on these things, but I am proud of how she finished.  And we have to give a huge thank you to Grandma for helping Cambry get started on her skirt.  Without her, there would not have been a sewing project!!  We found out at the judging yesterday that her skirt was actually quite difficult for a beginner.  This not-so-great-at-sewing mom just doesn't know these kinds of things.

She ended up with 2 blues on her foods projects and a blue ribbon for her skirt!  She was disappointed with a red for her styling, but she shouldn't be - she did a great job!   Even more importantly, she met a new friend during the day - who just happens to be the daughter of our farm's "seed guy!"

I don't know if we'll convince her to try these projects again for next year, but I'm proud of her for persevering to the end!

Grandma even came to the judging!  Cambry had a
very kind and helpful judge!
modeling for the judge
Cambry and Allie - her new 4-H friend
The style revue group!

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