Monday, June 20, 2016

On To Wheat Harvest

Wheat harvest began about a week ago, and it hasn't really stopped.  We had one rainy evening that slowed us down, but other than that, it's been full steam ahead.  Steamy for sure - both the semi and the combine have non-functioning A/C right now!

Caiden has gotten in on some of the action this year - he's manning the grain cart!  Luckily, that does not require too much driving.  It's mostly starting, driving a little, and stopping.  While he waits, he's happy playing on his Kindle!

The wheat endured a lot of crazy weather this spring - warm and dry too early, late freezing, then near-flooding.  Despite all this, we have been pleasantly surprised by the yields so far!
unloading wheat at home
Caiden in the tractor!
The skies grew dark rather quickly - we waited for all the
machines to get home safely!
Finally - Caiden arrived before the rain.
Grandma, especially, was relieved!
The guys didn't quite make it in before the skies let loose!

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