Monday, June 27, 2016

2016 Olympic Swimming Trials

Omaha, NE - June 26, 2016 -- A few months ago, I made plans with my sister and niece, my mom, and Tina Boese and her daughter to attend the U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials.  Wow!  What an experience!  It was surreal to be surrounded by so many Olympic hopefuls, to watch their ridiculous times in the water, and to see the organized, methodical process of running a meet like this.

The first session was 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Just 5 races, but it was heat after heat after heat of swimmers.  And out of all those heats, only 8 make it into the finals.  I'm sure it's quite an experience for most of the swimmers to just make it there - so many don't make it past the first heat!  My niece, Addi, was so good about explaining the ins and outs as we watched:  what the lane judges were looking for, why some swimmers get disqualified, those kinds of things.
Some fun outside the CenturyLink Center
Men's 400 IM
This might be Chase Kalisz ??
Ryan Lochte
The next heat waits for their turn
During the afternoon, we did some shopping, some playing, found freebies, and got supper from the food trucks outside (something I've never done)!

Allison reached the top!
steak slider and tots from Piccolo's food truck!

After a long wait, the second session began around 6:45 p.m.  We got to watch the first Olympian named to the team after he won the 400 IM.  Chase Kalisz came from behind and beat Ryan Lochte - quite a stunner - and quite exciting!
Winner and runner-up being interviewed by NBC
Waiting for 100 Butterfly semi's
Chase Kalisz receiving his first place medal!
Surrounded by fountains and fire!

For this Olympics fan, it was a pretty fantastic day!

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