Sunday, May 29, 2016

Double Digits!

This girl is T--E--N!!
Her celebrations with family had been strung out over a couple of weeks, so there was not a lot planned on her actual birthday.  It turned into quite an eventful day anyway!  Cambry discovered a snake in our basement -not a good surprise.  And, we had about 5.5" of rain during the day - water everywhere!!
See the snake?  She refused to handle the container!
The lake in our yard!

Since we had already celebrated with family, we invited Pat and Amy and their kids over for cake (red velvet, per Cambry's request).  They braved the torrential rains and high water and made their way over.  And, they did make it home okay afterwards, although the last half mile or so was in a tractor!   I think it was fun for Cambry to have some special guests over!

Cambry took this with her new camera!
Apparently, it was "Red Nose Day!"
(an actual thing)

We gave Cambry a new camera and a hammock - both of which she has enjoyed already.  The hammock had to wait until two days later - after things had dried out!

Ten years have gone by in a blink!  At age 10, Cambry looks forward to art days at school, she has no fear when it comes to performing or speaking in front of others, she has a pen pal to whom she has been writing for about a year, and the clarinet is a new challenge heading her way!

God has blessed her with many creative gifts - gifts we are looking forward to seeing her develop in the years to come!

We love you Cambry!

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