Friday, April 22, 2016

Field Clearing

That's a lot of hedge posts!
For most of February and March, Chelan, Caiden, and Grandpa worked at cleaning up trees on a piece of ground we bought.  There was a very long hedgerow that needed to be cut up, so after they were professionally pushed over, the chainsaws came out!  The goal was to cut as many large hedge posts as possible - 240 in all!  Some posts have been sold already, but there are plenty more available to sell!

In the rush to get corn planted on that field in April, the remaining trees were pushed together into piles and burned.  It was a little tricky to find the right day for this as we had so many EXTREMELY WINDY days in March.  Remarkably, Chelan found a good day and most of the piles burned really well.  There are still a couple of piles out there, but the corn is planted around them.
Before piles and fire

 Supper was at the field that night:

After fire
It takes a lot of work to get a field ready for planting - something I'm still learning about.  They got it done, though - and hopefully, a good corn crop will come from all their hard work!

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