Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Marion Reservoir

We live 20 minutes from Marion Reservoir, and the kids have never been there!  That was the realization I had just last week.  So, we took advantage of a beautiful day with no school and went!  I was mainly on the lookout for Bald Eagles - and we actually saw some!  We also saw Pelicans (I had no idea we have Pelicans in KS), lots of ducks, geese, and even seagulls (which I think are migrating through).  We made our way to every cove around the lake. Thank goodness for Caiden's friend, Timothy.  He spotted two of the Eagles that we would have missed!  My camera doesn't take the best pictures from far away, but I did snap a few.

skipping rocks is always fun!

Pelicans in flight
Those beaks!

Then it was home for a birthday supper and cake - Cambry helped me make and decorate my chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - it was sooooo gooooood!  Bring on 37!

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