Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Gymnastics Everywhere, All the Time!

Delaney seems to have hit some sort of gymnastics phase - she wants to do it everywhere, all the time!  She and Cambry watch Youtube videos, and then try what they watched.  Cambry has been acting as her coach - coming up with workouts and challenges.  It's quite impressive, really - Delaney is not afraid to try anything!  I just hope no one gets hurt!  I keep telling Delaney she needs to be in a gymnastics class so she can learn to do everything correctly and not get hurt.  We'll see!  She has currently moved on to one-handed cartwheels (although I don't have pictures of those).

the "gym" she made for herself downstairs

working on arm and ab strength, I guess - I sure can't
hold myself up like that!

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