Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birthday Trip

Chelan and I took off for Manhattan Saturday afternoon - no plans, no agenda!  We stayed at the Bluemont Hotel (directly across from Aggieville and the K-State campus).  It's fairly new, and very nice!  Our room was so big, I kept thinking we needed the whole family there to fill it up (but those thoughts generally left as quickly as they popped up)!

After we checked in, we ate supper at CocoBolo's - across the street.  Good Tex-Mex menu and lots to choose from.  Getting donuts at Varsity Donuts was the only "must" on my list.  These are not breakfast donuts, they are definitely dessert donuts.  It was fun to take them back to our room to snack on while we watched a movie and "Friends" reruns (they were showing all the best ones)!  
Can you tell which one is mine and which is Chelan's?  
The "Honeymooner" and the "Babydoll"
Let's just get a close-up of mine!
We also stopped at the Dusty Bookshelf, a used bookstore.  A few things caught my eye and Chelan's:
Right on top - my birth year!
It's in German, I think.

We both ate at this restaurant when we were kids.  Chelan
was set to get it, but there was no "Fishy Wishy" listed
(a favorite on the restaurant's menu).  Is that supposed
to say "Recipes" instead of "Receipts?"
It was so nice to just do what we wanted with no schedule.  It's hard for Chelan to take time to do this kind of thing, so it really means a lot when he suggests it!

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