Thursday, January 7, 2016

Duerksen Christmas

After Christmas Day passed, we waited a few more days before celebrating with Chelan's side of the family.  Treg, Candace, and the boys arrived from California on the 29th - very early in the morning (1:30 in the morning, to be exact)!  Getting reacquainted did not take long:

We celebrated Christmas over a couple of evenings with lots of food, fun games, gifts, a large plastic- wrap ball, and most importantly, catching up on more than a year's time!  We started off with a shrimp boil:

 We even had some verenika the next night:
Grandma explains the big ball of plastic wrap.  They each ended up with 3 little gifts after unwrapping all of it!

Time for the cousins' gift exchange!
a hedgehog pillow from Cale
New Legos from Chayce
a Kendama from Finn - we had never heard
of those, but it's quite fun and it does take a
certain amount of skill to master it!
Playing with Boden's new tractors from Cambry
Grandma and Grandpa gave the grandchildren these letters made from old chains off of farm equipment - quite clever!

perhaps the 3 and 5 year olds can figure this puzzle out?
Look what Chelan found under the soup
can label!
The oldest and the youngest hard at work!
new coloring books!

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