Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas in Pictures

Christmas Eve at Church - my most favorite night to be at church - every year!  This year, Caiden was a shepherd, Cambry sang in the children's choir, and Delaney was part of a class poem and song with the other children, ages 3-first grade.  Cambry and Delaney also shared a German Advent poem during the children's sharing time.  Delaney recited it in English, then Cambry said it in German.  I was so proud of them for getting up on the stage yet again. They didn't even seem nervous, which is quite something since there were around 500 people in church that night!  My sister-in-law videoed the girls (thank you, Trissa!):

 Shenanigans after the program - sometimes the adults just take too long talking to people!
 Christmas Eve at Grammy and Papa's:

new tools for the toolboxes
Dad made this for Vanessa - for one of her
climbing plants in front of their house
new Barbie closet
Addi is being a very helpful older cousin!
How many adults does it take to undo
Barbie's packaged hair?
Royals Fans!
She finally got that purse from
Then came the food!
Christmas morning at our house:

pink volleyball!
new slides
dolphin cruiser - she got it all built that day!
Delaney is all about the Barbies this year!  She played
with this camper the ENTIRE day!
Finally a bike big enough for him!
Cambry's "Odd Squad" shoes!
We have had a low-key, quiet, mostly healthy Christmas so far (after being sick for almost a whole week, Chelan got better just in time).  We look forward to celebrating a little bit more when Chelan's brother and family come from California next week - if they can get here!  We are expecting quite a winter storm in the next few days!

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