Monday, December 14, 2015

A New Room in the Works

Ever so slowly, I have been working on updating the girls' bedroom.  It started with curtains:  I bought material to make 2 window panels - almost a year-and-a-half ago!  I also repainted their lamps, added trim to the lampshades, and then I really got into the big stuff!  Over the summer, I painted their bed frames white, then painted the trim in the room white.  Finally, I got around to painting the walls a few weeks ago (which was also a fairly lengthy process).  Then, last week, the new carpet was installed.  Unfortunately, this is the only thing I have pictures of!  The girls have been so excited with their "new" room.  After a few more finishing touches and maybe an accent color added to a couple of walls, I think we'll call it complete!
Ripping out the old carpet was a very dusty
process - hence, the flecks in the picture!
Ready to sleep on a bare floor!
Yay for new carpet!
It's so soft!
Who needs snow to make angels when you have new carpet?

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