Saturday, November 21, 2015

Basketball Season Begins!

We have officially been indoctrinated into the world of jr. high sports!  Caiden's first basketball game was last Monday.  I realized the other day that he has already had more practices this season than during the last 2 years combined!  What's exciting is that he will only get better as the season goes on - along with everyone else.

There are 28 boys playing this year.  We appreciate Coach Hiebert and Coach Loganbill for working with so many boys - and working them into games.  It must be quite a task!  However much or how little he plays, we'll sure enjoy watching!

Along with some great assists, Caiden had a few steals and lay-ups in both games this week.  for this, he earned 2 cans of biscuits.  Biscuits, you ask?  Yep - that's what I said.  We know it is an incentive, but not sure of the meaning behind it.  And Caiden doesn't seem to know either.  Kind of funny - but we sure enjoyed them last night with our supper!
Go Bluebirds!

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