Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Finally Five!

5 year old Elsa?
With school starting next week, it's high-time this girl turned 5!  I've considered her 5 all summer, but on Sunday it became official!  This girl is spunky, smart, clever, organized, dramatic, loud, and definitely busy.  Any toy we have in this house has been played with by her - and sometimes only her.  Whether it's the "Lego Game," the "Dollhouse Game," or the "Paper Doll Game," (games that she and Cambry have created), those two girls are always busy playing.  We are so grateful for that creativity and for the sister relationship they have (for right now at least)!

At age five, here is a glimpse of what she's into:  She likes the color pink.  Her best friend is Jenna.  She loves bbq meatballs and watermelon.  She loves to sing and swim and dance.  She loves princesses (hence the princess party).  She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up.  She likes to pretend - a lot!

We love you Delaney.  I can't believe we are sending you off to kindergarten next week!

A rousing game of "princess, princess, queen"

It's not really about the "building."  It's more about the pretending
that comes after it is built!

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