Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Driving Lessons & Transitions

While Delaney is learning to ride her bike:
She is not excited about this!

Caiden is learning how to drive the swather (and tractors):

Chelan has been a busy teacher here at the end of summer!  Delaney has since learned to ride her bike on her own (for little bits).  And Caiden also had a chance to move some bales with the tractor on his own.  

As summer ends, it is Caiden and Delaney who are facing big transitions at school. Caiden will be entering middle school tomorrow as a 6th grader and Delaney will begin Kindergarten.  Just like with learning to drive, both are feeling a little anxious about school.  And yet, coincidentally, I think we're all ready for it.  New experiences always feel better once they are set in motion!

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