Monday, August 10, 2015

Days of Painting

Cale and Mace came over last week for a little "work date."  Corral fences needed painting and the squeeze chute was needing a new coat of paint.  So, with three boys, one grandpa, and one Chelan - they got to work.  I wouldn't say this was tops on their list for favorite summer activities, but after some teaching, listening, reteaching, more listening, and paint everywhere (and all over them) - they did accomplish one coat of paint on the squeeze chute and finished the long section of the fence.  Caiden was much more willing with cousins around to help.  The job isn't finished yet, but slowly, it will get done - much to Caiden's delight (not).  

Thanks to Trissa for coming out to help on the second day - such a good daughter to come help her dad!  I have to admit I stayed away from the painting - I found plenty to do inside!

It was HOT and STEAMY - this was Mace's solution!

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