Saturday, July 18, 2015

Post-Harvest Meal

In our family, it is a tradition to have a post-harvest meal together.  It's a way to celebrate after the last loads have been cut and carted off.  Usually, this happens within a couple of days and we end up at Applebee's.  This year, however, we had to wait a couple of weeks for the schedule to clear up.  And, we went somewhere new!  

Chelan's second cousin, Shasta, lives in Enterprise, KS with her family.  They recently opened up a small restaurant called "The Buggy Stop."  Her family lives an Amish lifestyle, and their menu features some great home-style food:  homemade bread (loaves for sale on Wednesdays), homemade cinnamon rolls, homemade cookies.  Last night we had 2 choices for dinner:  BBQ boneless ribs or Bacon Jack Chicken Breast.  It was all so fantastic and so laid-back!  We enjoyed catching up with her and her family.  They have 6 children - the younger ones were eating while we ate, and the older ones were across the street selling some produce at a little farmer's market.  I think they all play a part in that little restaurant - it's definitely a family affair!  We recommend that you make the drive out there and try it.  Thanks, Shasta and Michael, for a great meal!

Since we had never been to Enterprise before, we drove around a little bit.  They do have two claims to fame:
Of course, I had to take this picture with our soon-to-be Kindergartener!
Can you read the sign?  It says "Temperance Leader Carry A. Nation Smashed Bar in this Building, January 23, 1901, Erected 1993
It was a nice evening, and it was definitely good to take the kids someplace new!

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