Friday, June 26, 2015

It All Happens at Once

This guy got dropped off at camp last Sunday.  I hope he had a great time.  I pick him up tomorrow morning so I will get to hear all about it . . . sometime!  He likely won't talk much tomorrow.
Anyway, after he was dropped off, the wheat harvest, bean-planting, and hay baling all began on Monday morning.  What a hot, windy, dusty week!  We waited and waited for dry weather, and then all at once, it just happens - all at once!



Chelan will not be happy about this picture - weeds in the wheat!

Harvest Selifies (hard to do without a smart phone):

Our view of Chelan this week - on the go!

A rare moment - they stopped to eat at the field!

Today is Friday, and they're still at it.  Good thing, too, because Caiden will still get in on some of the harvest action!

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