Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birthday Celebrations

How many times can a 9 year old celebrate her birthday?  It turns out the answer is 4 - this year anyway!

At school:  I happened to be subbing in her class the day she celebrated - that worked out well!

Happy Birthday dance party
With Church Birthday Buddies:
Lunch with Alma and Lois - May 26 birthdays
 With Family at Home:

With Friends:
Whew - that's a lot of celebrating!  At 9 years old, Cambry loves playing with her sister, enjoys helping Mom with things (especially in the kitchen), is trying softball for the first time, is mowing for the first time, is still creating and crafting, and loves origami.  

We love you, Cambry, and were so happy to celebrate you each and every time!

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