Saturday, April 4, 2015

State Science Fair

Last weekend, Caiden got to participate in the State Science Fair.  He and his friend Logan had been working on a hot air balloon project for quite some time (initially a math assignment).  I never really understood anything they were working on (it was over my head), but I do know it had to do with ratios and how well a hot air balloon will fly.  Last month, they entered it in a regional science fair in Wamego.  The project earned a superior rating, sending them to Wichita last week.  

Their ELP teacher, Mrs. Sells, put so much extra time into helping the students with their projects.  Caiden probably doesn't realize it, but he is so lucky to have teachers who recognize his capabilities and challenge him to do his best, even when he doesn't want to!

I went with Caiden last Saturday for the awards ceremony.  His project was in the "Engineering" division - a very popular category.  They didn't earn any awards, but I think the whole experience was very good!  For this project, they had to create a report, make a display board, test their hypothesis, record data, and at the fair, they had to answer questions the judges had for them throughout the evening (definitely not Caiden's favorite thing).  We are glad he had this experience, and we thank Mrs. Sells for everything she did to help them see it through!

Their conclusion

These two actually won 1st place for their project!

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