Saturday, April 25, 2015


Someone in this house turned 40 this week!  Chelan's not one to make a big fuss over his birthday.  In fact, he's annoyingly apathetic towards it.  So naturally, it was appropriate that other people made a big deal over his 40th!  The kids and I came up with 40 thoughts, memories, Bible verses, etc. for this jar:
 He was surprised at work with lots of Mt. Dew and other things:
He thought that his birthday was over after Wednesday.  His parents and mine came over for pie.  But last night, I surprised him with dinner at Cy's in Sedgwick (a place he likes but rarely gets to eat at). His family also met us there!  I figured it was all the surprise he could handle - and maybe me too!

His sister enjoyed putting together a "Turning 40 Survival Kit."  It was fun to watch him open all the little packages - including this whoopie cushion (for covering up those embarrassing moments).  You can also see WD-40 in the picture (for keeping his joints in working order).  The bag was full of those kinds of things!

 I always tell him that without his birthday, we wouldn't have him in our lives.  It's worth celebrating!

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