Sunday, April 19, 2015

Birthday Gifts Fulfilled

Chelan and I took three birthday boys to the ball park today.  The weather was less than ideal in Manhattan, but the boys barely seemed to notice.  They were so busy running after foul balls and asking players for balls as they walked to and from the bull pen!  Ty was lucky enough to get a game ball and Caiden won out on "rock, paper, scissors" for the other one.  The stands were quite empty by the end of the game, but we stuck it out!  K-State lost to Texas Tech 4-1, but I think the boys all had a good time. Caiden considers his cousins to be his friends.  He's one lucky boy!

rock, paper, scissors for the 2nd ball
Mace must have said something amusing!

It was nice that many of the players stopped to sign
Ty's baseball after the game!  Caiden didn't have the
same nerve to get his signed.  He shies away from stuff
like that.

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