Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baby Animal Fever

I came home after subbing on Thursday to find that our cat had kittens - finally!  We've been waiting for 2 years to have more kittens on the farm.  We just hope they survive.  The gray one had a rather adventurous birth.  I found it still attached to the mom.  She could not, for the life of her, get it detached.  I finally had to cut the cord - literally!  I love that all 4 of them are different!

Then, that evening, Grandpa found a stray baby bunny on the ground. Caiden came to show us and then we let it go.  I hope it found its home, but that will be left a mystery, I'm afraid.

All this happened the same day we discovered that Biscuit had been in a fight - possibly with a raccoon - and dragged (perhaps) to the creek.  She apparently spent most of the day trying to dry off and take care of a big wound on one of her shoulders.  She seems to be acting normal now - hopefully on the mend.

Sometimes, moms are vets, too!


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