Friday, March 20, 2015

Look Who's 11!

11 years old already!  This guy gets to celebrate his birthday during spring break most years - something he doesn't mind one bit!  He wanted to go to Applebee's so he could have a good steak.  So in true Duerksen fashion, we combined eating out with other business.  Some of our calves had to be hauled off to the sale barn in Salina, and after that was accomplished, we went to eat.  Hopefully, Caiden didn't mind too much.

At age 11, you might find Caiden reading (all the time), playing Minecraft or Farming Simulator on the computer, choring chickens and bucket calves, driving the new Mule around, helping his grandpa or dad with projects, kicking field goals, or shooting baskets.  He has grown up a lot this past year - both physically (he's almost as tall as me!) and in maturity (most of the time).

In just 7 short years, he will be looking towards college - yikes!
a new football from his sisters
Talking business at the sale barn
unloading the calves - Caiden went back the next day with
Grandpa to watch them sell.
Delaney drew this picture on one of Caiden's presents.  It's Caiden
helping her ride her bike.  I think she's also jumping on the trampoline.
A new K-State football jersey
he ate every bit!
free dessert!
Instead of cake, Caiden requested apple pie.  He got
to enjoy this AFTER the dessert at Applebee's!

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