Thursday, March 12, 2015

Calving Season

February came and went, and with it came calving season.  Most of the time, calves are born without too much hassle.  The moms clean them up and feed them.

Sometimes,  however, complications arise.  This poor calf's mother didn't give enough milk, so it has to be bottle-fed twice a day.  Which also means it has to live in the barn. And, his two front legs are splinted up because they just aren't strong enough to walk correctly.  Chelan describes it like this:  If we had the same problem with our legs, it would be like we are walking on our wrists.  Hopefully, the splints will help some.  The girls aren't out at the barn very often, but they did enjoy feeding this calf the other day.

Two weeks ago, Caiden and I were surprised to find twins in the barn.  He couldn't wait to go tell Chelan and quickly hurried home.  Twin calves certainly don't happen very often, so this was kind of a fun discovery!  One of them will have to become a bucket calf so they and the mama can all thrive.

Meanwhile, the puppies in the barn are almost ready for their new homes. We've had luck finding homes for three of the four. The 2nd puppy from the left is still looking for a family . . .

This little guy needs a home!

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