Saturday, February 21, 2015

Around the House

Here are some random pictures from what we've been up to in February:

Delaney celebrated her 1/2 birthday at pre-school on February 10.  Somehow, none of our kids have birthdays during regular school days.  Caiden's always falls during Spring Break, Cambry's is just a few days after school is out, and Delaney's is just before school starts.

Artist at work:

One of the shows we like to watch is "The Goldberg's."  It takes us down memory lane every week - back to the 80's.  After we watched the episode about "New Kids on the Block," I remembered that I had some of their songs recorded on one of my mixed tapes (also featured a Goldberg's episode).  Sure enough, "Hangin' Tough" is right there on side 1.  We put it in my old tape player, but it didn't last long - the player doesn't work anymore.  Caiden kept asking how to find a different song.  I introduced him to the "fast forward" and "rewind" buttons!  :)

Anna and Elsa have been joining us for meals!

Delaney has really been into gymnastics, so she created a mat (piles of blankets) in our entryway.  She loves to get a running start and tumble away!

She likes to do this trick, too!

And, we've had puppies to play with again.  They are almost 4 weeks old now (much bigger than in this picture), and we only need to find a home for one more!

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