Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Last week I made it my goal to get organized - or at least start getting organized.  It all started when Chelan said we need to reorganize the file cabinet (2 of the drawers weren't even holding files, they were holding yearbooks, college textbooks, and the like).  In order to find a place for those things, I had to get busy in the storage room - if those books had to find a new home, I had to make a new home!

I learned the hard way that cardboard boxes aren't the best solution for storage in a basement where mice sometimes run rampant.  So I bought tubs - 9 in all (on top of the 15 I have already).  I scooted things around, dumped A LOT, recycled plenty, made an Et Cetera Shop pile, an MCC Center pile, and rearranged the shelves a little bit.  And I am pleased to say we can now walk in our storage/laundry room without running into anything!  (And I found a home for those textbooks and yearbooks.)

In the midst of reorganizing - I found some real gems from the past:

Baseball Cards - notice there is a distinct section for Chelan and a distinct section for Trissa (his sister):

My husband actually ordered this book:

I uncovered my old bookmark collection - yes, I had a bookmark collection.  Some of these have found new homes with my girls:

Even a Billy Ray Cyrus autograph that my Dad got at an airport - from the "Achey Breaky Heart" days:


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