Friday, December 19, 2014

Pre-School Christmas

Yesterday, parents, grandparents, and even an aunt or two packed the Kinder Haus for the pre-school Christmas program.  It's a nice little program - short but very, very sweet.  Delaney was so excited for it that she insisted on wearing her Christmas dress - a risky move for a pre-school day, but she managed quite nicely!  It was fun to watch her.  She seemed to know every word and every action - and it was obvious that she was enjoying herself!  Thank you Gayle, Amy, and Mom (Grammy) for the work you put into planning, preparing, and carrying out your lessons each day.

Gabe, Delaney, Lydia

While we were there, I realized that this is our last pre-school Christmas program.  It was a good reminder for me to take these moments in and savor them.  They are only little for so long . . .
Here are a few short videos to enjoy from the morning:

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