Tuesday, December 16, 2014

GES Christmas Program

Last night was the elementary school Christmas program.  Since Caiden is a 5th grader, he had the honor (honor?) of playing a trumpet solo.  In fact, all the 5th grade band members were invited to play a solo - a tradition that has been carried on since before I was in 5th grade.  

It is something - to get up in front of so many people and play a song on an instrument you have only been learning since August.  He was incredibly nervous, but after a slow start he made it through! (He played it better at the evening program, but I couldn't load that video here).  He practiced "March Militaire" diligently and it paid off!  

Way to go, Caiden!

After the band, grades K-3 sang their little hearts out during their part of the program.  Since Cambry is in 3rd grade, she got to wear some simple costumes during the songs - it's always fun to see and hear these kids on stage!

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